Crimson Oath

by Duendelirium

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The video of this Yule song was filmed on 28th December, amidst an explosive cyclogenesis that preluded the nocturnal storm. It has been created with scarce time and resources but infinite passion and intensity. Enjoy Yule, creatures...



*** Lyrics ***

Silver tears fall in the dark
while the ancient oaks dance with empty stars

Naiads dive to embrace the moon
as the misty creatures announce The Fool

Crimson pigeons died at last
little creaky skulls rip the silent night

Dirty snow reveals the path
where the arcane seals hide away from light

The ram horns spelled your name... they never lie

Wooden knocks behind the door
shadows in my eyes, fire in my bones

Azure glow invades the shack
Dear Wodanaz redeem my mourn

Beneath the monoliths, the riders crawl

I told you
I told you
I told you
I thought of you when the thunder roared - sweet pagan litany
I called your name in the pouring rain - under the tortured branches
I knew you would recognise my face - despite the gloomy ages
Our essence finally melt again - this was the only way


released December 31, 2013
*** Video Credits ***

Directed by Fernando Cascales and Juan Díaz Díez
Video Footage: Juan Díaz Díez & Fernando Cascales
Edition: Fernando Cascales
Audio: Duendelirium (Madsen, Idir & Sére)
Special thanks: Barb Hernández, Carlos Rabadán, Daniel Álvarez, Jorge Sánchez & Ricardo Fernández...Crimson Oath has seen the light thanks to you all!!



all rights reserved


Duendelirium Spain

Duendelirium arose as an uncontrollable spiral made of dreams, deliriums, passions and their dark reflections. You can feel them every time you sigh, dancing amongst masks, fangs, horns and feathers in the clearing of a forest, accompanied by their court of iron and glass that evoke an unmistakable scent of wet earth, rust and old books. Welcome to our fractalic abyss, where falling means flying. ... more

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